Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Attention High Schoolers - How to get into Yale

As the ever informative NY Times Magazine informed us last Sunday, to get into Yale University you simply need to emulate this former Taliban fascist. Forget SATs, forget extracurriculars and forget the grades; spend your formative years as a fascist selling out freedom and keeping the people down! Actually, has anybody considered that this guy may have been working for the CIA? It would explain why the State Dept. let him into the country without a fight. I’m not big on CIA conspiracy theories, but this seems to be a possibility. However, until proven otherwise I will assume that Mr. Rahmatullah is simply a thug that Yale couldn’t resist.

The copyright for photo above is held by PBS. It shows Mr. Rahmatullah being interviewed by Ray Suarez on PBS. The transcript can be found here and is typical of Mr. Suarez's excellent work.


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