Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Only 66 Days until Le Mans!

Audi Will be Tough to Beat Again This Year
c Flying Debris

Yep, only 65 test days left until the annual French 24 hour endurance race. The race was once immortalized by the late Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans. Interestingly McQueen and his crew actually entered cars in the 1970 race and filmed the race for the movie. This year’s race is particularly interesting with a great variety cars and builders involved. The top tier prototype (LMP1) cars will likely be lead by the new Audi diesel race cars that were so successful at Sebring; they are however third and fourth on the grid. The less powerful prototype class (LMP2) has some interesting cars including a Radical; a car that you can go out and buy. I hear that the factory can even make the thing street legal. The top tier grand touring car class (GT1) includes a few racing versions of street going Ferraris, a Lamborghini, a bunch of Aston Martins and a bunch of Corvettes; this will be a great class to watch. The least powerful grand touring class (GT2) was once nearly completely filled with Porsche 911 GTRs, now the class includes a few Ferraris, a few Panozs and a few Strykers.

The entire field can be found here the French version of the great race’s web site can be found here and the English version can be found here.


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