Friday, April 21, 2006

Pro-Sharia Arab Group Represented by Son of US War Hero

CAIR, a group that has long struck me as essentially a dishonest pro-Sharia (Islamic law) group, has been represented by the son of Adm. Jeremiah Denton, a high ranking Vietnam POW who became famous for blinking SOS during a TV interview from prison. CAIR apparently settled a law suit against this web site and there has been no change in the web site; it is still accusing CAIR of being a front group for anti-American Arabs. They lost their suit and so did the son of the former POW and US Senator (R-AL). Jonathon Galt wonders if the Admiral is happy with his son. I wonder if the Admiral understands what his son has been up to. In an unsurprising aside, CAIR has been used by the Chicago Tribune to explain Islam to its readers. They were “very helpful” to the Tribune earlier this year when the Trib didn’t really cover the Mohamed Cartoon uproar. Thanks again for the propaganda Trib Kidz!


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