Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Blogasphere Challenge that Still Stands

Two weeks ago I posted a challenge to the world’s bloggers. As I have not noticed any interest in that challenge, I am taking the liberty of re-posting it. Here it is from Sunday April 23:

A Challenge for the Blogosphere

This is a challenge that I am sure that the nation’s bloggers are up to. As we approach the 8 month anniversary of Hurricane Katrina there are still some unexplained mysteries surrounding the events that followed the storm. One of them involves a live broadcast from the Super Dome. On (I believe) Wednesday evening following the storm I was watching either FOX News or MSNBC (I think that it was FOX, but I was flipping between stations) when a reporter, broadcasting from just outside of the Super Dome spoke to a “doctor” in scrubs who claimed to have spent the past day working inside of the Super Dome. The doctor described a dire situation inside of the Super Dome that was spinning out of control. This “doctor’s” “eye-witness” account was false. He stated that there were murders, rapes and all sorts of horrific occurrences happening inside of the Super Dome. As Howard Dean is continuing to blame Bush for the weather and the fact that an overwhelmingly Democratic city was grossly unprepared for the obvious and the predictable, I believe that it is important to track down the people who helped to further the lies that came out of New Orleans during the aftermath of Katrina. That alleged doctor is one of those people. Who was that guy? Is he an actual doctor? Did he go down to the Super Dome on a bet that he could get on TV? Was he just a freelance troublemaker? Is he a member of the Ku Klux Klan who wanted to make African-Americans look like savages? Was he a Democrat who wanted to make Bush look awful during the storm’s aftermath? Does he work for the New York Times or even CBS?


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