Thursday, May 25, 2006

Iranian Students Riot Overnight

The Gateway Pundit has a great rundown of reports (with photos!) concerning university students rioting and protesting in Tehran. Reuters has reported that twenty students were recently kidnapped out of their dorms by Islamic vigilantes. Undoubtedly that was a strong motivator for the protests but it was only a matter of time that objections to the tyrannical rulings of the mullahs would start to show up. Now Iran’s ruling mullahs even want all Muslims to wear traditional dress. That won’t fly with a youth population that has been exposed to western culture, especially when those youths are such a large percentage of the population. Between the internet, films and satellite broadcasts the youth of Iran likely have an understanding of what is possible in this world, many also likely understand that what they are doing has the potential to change the direction of the Middle East. To them I must say, Godspeed, it is a long road that you want to walk.


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