Wednesday, June 21, 2006

North Koreans Try to End Joe Biden’s Career

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), like so many of his fellow Democrats, has been a long-time vocal critic of the Strategic Defense Initiative, the missile shield that was knick-named “Star Wars”. Today the US is forced to stare down the rogue nation of North Korea and it's desire to test long-range missiles that they could equip with nuclear arms. The still-in-testing missile defense shield is one of our only legitimate defenses. This is a system that made its way into the public consciousness during Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. Since that time the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” has been united in its belittlement of the very idea that a nation could protect itself from a missile attack.

The usual argument (if one is forced to call it that) has been the bumper-sticker-like “you can’t hit a bullet with a bullet!” In fact I found a quote very close to that by some blogger from just four years ago here. Any reasonable student of history has to laugh at those sentiments. In addition to denying human technological advances the Democrats (and other liberals) often had objections that amounted to the fact that early examples of SDI couldn’t cover every single contingency. My personal too-long-for-a-bumper-sticker response has been to compare the speaker(s) to some chump standing on Kill Devil Hills in Kitty Hawk, NC during the Wright Brothers 1903 tests of the Wright Flyer and stating “That thing will never work; it doesn’t even have an in-flight movie!”

The Democratic Party's objections have morphed over the decades but they revolve around the belief that humans cannot do that which has not already been done. This belief is truly stupid. It may very well be a belief rooted in our nation’s educational institutions and their seeming inability to get their students to think dynamically. The Clinton crowd often described dynamic thinking as “thinking outside of the box”; of course that all depended on the meaning of the words thinking, outside and box.

In addition to the rather obvious lunacy of denying human advancement (while using computers no less!) I have always considered the Democratic position to be ignorant as it pertains to politics. It has always been a simple matter of time until there would be some need for a missile shield. Unless one believes that very soon the entire world will be sitting around in a gigantic circle, smoking some big old fatties and singing Kumbaya. The entire argument seems to be based on ignorance of history and of humanity.

If the United States is forced to use our missile defense shield to protect the nation against the rouge regime in North Korea I would expect many Republican candidates to use the multiple decades of Democratic lunacy against them. The quotes to use are as far away as Google. Joe Biden and John Kerry, among others would make big fat targets.


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