Saturday, August 12, 2006

Has Rahm Emanuel Joined the Deanettes on Their New Hit “Cut and Run”?

Rahm Emanuel is the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Committee and he is my congressman. Mr. Emanuel and I have some mutual friends and we have spoken several times over the years, mostly about politics. Earlier this summer I had a chance to speak to Mr. Emanuel concerning what I saw as some sort of internecine warfare in the Democratic Party. There was a battle between the Chairman of the party, Howard Dean and Mr. Emanuel concerning the direction of the party and its funding methods; specifically the “50 State Strategy” that Dean is invoking. That strategy involves funding every district in the nation in order to make the party more of a “national party”. Mr. Emanuel has been publicly critical of the Dean plan and rightly so, Dean is even spending money in and visiting the Virgin Islands which has a total of zero votes in the Electoral College and has no representation in either the House or the Senate.

During our recent conversation we discussed the then upcoming Connecticut Senate primary and the involvement of certain blogs in the race. The conversation was private so I will not divulge anything past what one could reasonably discern from his public statements. Mr. Emanuel was animated at the mention of those blogs and he genuinely seemed to understand the possible problems that some of those bloggers and their readers could pose for the image of the Democratic Party. We were in a public place so those comments were made to me with a somewhat hushed voice; this district has a very large population of committed leftwing moonbats.

A few days later I had a chance to speak to one of our mutual friends, a man who is one of the original Friends of Bill (Clinton), and we both agreed that although Mr. Emanuel uses the red meat rhetoric of the leftwing, he was much more practical and down to earth than he often sounds. This gentleman (the FOB) said that he wasn’t surprised that Mr. Emanuel was leery of the left side of the blogasphere and that he was trying to blunt their effect on the party, Mr. Emanuel has always struck this Southern gentleman as more down to earth than the leftists who are in ascendancy in the Democratic Party.

Well it appears that Mr. Emanuel has seen the writing on the wall concerning the leftward drift of the Democratic Party, several weeks ago his office sent out an e-mail that included a poll to help him gauge the opinions of the folks in his district. I never received an e-mail from Mr. Emanuel’s office until I contacted them online, so I would think that the group used for the survey would be restricted to people who have contacted Mr. Emanuel’s office and who also bothered to respond; not exactly scientific but I am sure that they realize the restrictions of their poll. Anyways, what struck me about the “survey” was the wording of one of the questions, the following:

“Some members of Congress have called for a strategic redeployment of our
troops, where some troops currently on the ground in Iraq would come home and
others would be relocated to fight the War on Terror more effectively. Do you
support the strategic redeployment strategy?”

That is one very interesting way to describe cutting and running. With the growing threat of Iran in the region the best place to “relocate(d) to fight the War on Terror more effectively” may actually be inside of Iran. That is a strategic option that has little or no support on either side of the aisle. I guess that the surprise in the survey is that only 44% of my neighbors supported that position, whereas 29% replied that they did not support that position, of course 27% just didn’t know.

During our conversation I indicated that I was hopeful that people like Mr. Emanuel would succeed in trying to keep the Democratic Party from running off of some sort of left wing cliff. After reading Mr. Emanuel’s comments in the wake of Ned “the Cable Guy” Lamont’s primary victory over Senator Lieberman this week I really had to wonder if even the comparatively reasonable Democratic politicians are gunning their engines toward that cliff. Here is what Rep. Emanuel had to say about the former Democratic candidate for the Vice Presidency, Senator Joe Lieberman:

“This shows what blind loyalty to George Bush and being his love child means.
This is not about the war. It’s blind loyalty to Bush.”

As interesting and amusing as it is to watch the Democrats make such imbeciles of themselves, it is also pretty alarming.


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