Monday, July 31, 2006

Castro Hands Over Power

To his brother Raul. Fidel is having surgery and handed power over to his brother temporarily. To the Cuban people I say, you are in my prayers, I hope that you can join us in freedom someday soon.

I had a college roommate whose father went to Belen Jesuit in Havana with Fidel and remained friends with him up until about the time Castro confiscated the family property. On the plus side, they made it out alive. Belen is now in Miami

More Hezbollah Propaganda – Now With Dead Children’s Bodies

It is not exactly shocking that Hezbollah would exploit the deaths of children for their sick propaganda but this is disgusting. These people have been parading the bodies of dead children around like they are some sort of trophy; these photos may also call into question the death figures that have been stated. Warning, these are some very gruesome photos but a must see for those who want to understand this conflict beyond the bumper-sticker level.

Thanks to Eureferendom for the work and Little Green Footballs for pointing it out.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

What Howard Dean Really Meant – A Dean to English Translation

What Howard Dean really meant when he said that this Middle-East crisis would not have happened if Democrats were in power is the following: “Things would be much better in the Mideast if Sadam Hussein was still in power.” Thank you Dr. Dean.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Moonbat “Artist” Abuses Children for “Art” – Give Her an NEA Grant!

The art world is often a world of unhinged people who whose opinions one should be wary of. In this post I wrote about an artist who told me that fundamentalist islam wouldn’t take away her right to “choose”, apparently the “choice” is abortion and apparently this person needs to get out more. She is not the only artist who has said bizarre things to me concerning islamic-fascists; in Oct. 2000 an artist (who had graduated from Wisconsin Madison undergrad and their Law School) told me that Baptists are more dangerous than al qaeda. Not exactly well grounded in reality. Anyways, there is now a photography exhibit in LA that features photographs of children who are made to cry for the camera. Great, photographs of hysterical children, who do I make the check out to? To add to the weirdness of this “project” (named “end times”) the artist, Jill Greenberg has stated that her intent was to portray Democrats and their view of the Bush years. I will give her that one; since the wee hours of Nov. 8, 2000 the Democrats have actually intensified their tantrums, something that would’ve been hard to believe on Nov. 6, 2000.

This moonbat artist has now threatened blogger Thomas Hawk who wrote about how this “artist” is abusing children for fun and profit. Her husband has even called Hawk’s boss! What, the guy couldn’t find Hawk’s mother? So this couple have shown themselves to be both childish and dumb, the husband has even threatened to sue Hawk for expressing his opinion of his wife’s “work”

For some time the art world has lectured us that we should subsidize their “work” because they bring a “different” and “needed” perspective to the world around us. This came into the forefront when a traveling exhibit of the late Robert Mapplethorpe’s (AIDS) photography was subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts. The exhibit featured really strange hardcore gay sex scenes. If you ever want to see men peeing into each others mouths Mapplethorpe is your guy. Since those arguments were brought into the public arena I have wondered why we need to subsidize some person’s opinions. After all, if they are bringing their “perspective” (i.e. opinions!) into the community we should not have to subsidize their free speech. Apparently Greenberg’s most notable contribution to the art world has been photos of monkeys.

More on this moonbat photographer here, here and here.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Disgraceful Dodd Joined by the NY Times

Check out Powerline’s take on the John Bolton “controversy” in Hoge Heaven. The controversy, noted by Flying Debris yesterday in Dodd Just Being Himself, Again, is essentially that Bolton is good for the United States, something that apparently the Times, Senators Dodd and Biden simply will not stand for.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The “Lieberman Problem” in the Democratic Party

The hard-left backlash against Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) is not good for either the Democratic Party or the nation. It shows a large polarization even within the party, I know Democrats who are shocked that Joe Lieberman even has a serious challenge. The Gateway Pundit has a great roundup of the most recent developments in an ever nastier campaign. Check out the video that Gateway links to and to see how some on the far left are unhinged about Lieberman’s vote to not require religious hospitals to provide the morning after pill. That is an issue that affects Catholic hospitals that are doing yeoman’s work for no profit. Make sure to read a few of the unhinged comments in the comment section below the video.

If These People Have Your Back - You’re In Trouble

Just the other day I checked in on the folks at International ANSWER, the communist front group that has been involved in every anti-American demonstration for the past four years, and look what I found. If they haven’t wised up and changed it, their homepage features some sort of Arab street demonstration in order to publicize the group’s involvement in some sort of march on Washington DC this Aug. 12. There really should be no doubt that those people are not interested in anything that would normally be described as “liberal democracy.”

Chris Dodd – Just Being Himself, Again

Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) has announced that he will lead a “bruising fight” over the appointment of UN Ambassador John Bolton. This is a disgrace; the Senator should state what Mr. Bolton is doing wrong if he wants to have a “bruising fight” over the nomination. The last time Mr. Bolton’s nomination came up the Democrats ran a campaign stating that Mr. Bolton is too mean, the poor babies. That “too mean” campaign even won over at least one of the typically weak-kneed Republicans who populate that chamber; in the end President Bush was forced to nominate Mr. Bolton using the recess appointment power of the Executive Branch. I seem to recall that Mr. Dodd had a problem with Mr. Bolton’s distinguished opinion that South and Central Americans should live in freedom. This was clearly way too much for the despot loving Dodd, after all, those Latin Americans are not white people from Connecticut and they have less pull in the Democratic Party than Fidel Castro and other Latin American commies. The pompous Joe Biden (D-Del) weighed in with one of his usual inanities by saying that President Bush should “nominate someone else.”

Thanks kids, but maybe you children should explain to America how a breath of reality in the failing UN is harmful to the United States. You often wouldn’t know it but the Senators actually represent Americans and should attempt to make policies beneficial to Americans.

Hat Tip: Powerline

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Helen Thomas – A Rove Plot?

The woman is so out of it one has to wonder how she ever got a job in the first place. Oh that’s right, compared to her peers she is the bright one. Check out this exchange with Tony Snow where the old coot makes stuff up, just like her peers.

Box of Rocks 1 – Spanish Prime Minister 0

c AP
Spanish PM has the wardrobe of the village idiot

As you can see from the photo above, the PM of Spain, one Mr. Zapatero has donned the silly scarf of idiots everywhere. I see them on the streets of Chicago (although even our idiots don’t wear them in the summer) worn by the poorly educated and the outrageously self-righteous. Has anybody clued this goof into the fact that he is wearing the uniform of those who wish to own Spain? It is the uniform of those backwards folks who believe that they really, really do own Spain and that their caste system, islamic sharia law, should hold sway over that country. If Mr. Zapatero feels that strongly about turning Spain over to islamic-fascists maybe he should just go to Madrid and stand in front of a train; he should leave the rest of Spain (and the rest of the world) out of his various guilt complexes. The photo above is from a meeting of Spanish socialists in Madrid, despite the fact that it does appear to be from a bathhouse on Fire Island. The story (or part of it) is here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It’s One Thing to Still Have the Gore sticker on Your Car but …

This is ridiculous. Somebody in Massachusetts takes the Al Gore for President thing pretty seriously; or else Al has moved to Massachusetts.

Thanks to the Carpundit for finding "Al's Audi" on Rte. 3 outside of Plymouth Mass.

Hizballah in America

Instead of looking unsteadily at your cab driver check out this list of current cases against Hizballah that the Counterterrorism Blog has put together. Dearborn Michigan seems to be a recurring theme.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Observing the Post-Kristallnacht Berliners – Right here in Chicago!

As a child I often wondered why the Jews of Germany stuck around during the early years of Hitler and his third Reich. As I got older I saw that there are many reasons that people stay someplace in the face of such rhetoric and actions; we have family, we have friends, we have our work and this is our place, we were born here! Besides, our neighbors will surely come to their senses. Obviously many German Jews saw the writing on the wall and fled to other counties (however not to FDR’s America as his Democratic administration wouldn’t even let in one boatload of Jewish refugees on the SS St. Louis).

During the past several years I have felt as if I am witnessing that phenomenon as it rears its ugly head once again. As I noted in the post below some educated Americans are so oblivious to the world around them that cannot see the writing on the wall; they think of islam as harmless and all adherents of islam as just good people who have really cool looking churches. They are fooled because they know some muslims who were nice to them. Clearly not all muslims aim to turn the US into a nation controlled by islamic law, I hope. The rhetoric of many native islamic groups includes the desire to put islamic law (sharia) into practice in the US. It is interesting that these Americans who are channeling those Post-Kristallnacht Berliners are exclusively liberal and largely Democratic. Ironic because sharia is a caste system that places Arabic speaking muslims at its pinnacle; sharia also makes women a half of a legal entity. Please save the “half-bitch” jokes and give that one a little bit of thought; these are liberal people who are often lecturing us on the plight of women in our society and how women are so often under compensated in the workplace. They are now excusing a legal regime that makes women into a half-person. To all of them I say “here’s your 50 cents, now shut-up.”

To Hell with Your sharia laws, To Hell with Your islamic “Society”

c Jyllands-Posten
hezbolla says that this cartoon wouldn't exist if they had just killed Salman Rushdie.

Yes, I’m back; tanned rested and ready! I see that the world’s most ignorant people are up to their old tricks, trying to again enslave us people who are not part of their various cults; the cult of mohamed and their cults of death. To hell with that swine. And back here in the good old US of A I see the ignorants from CAIR continuing with their ridiculous insistence that their “religion” is simply misunderstood. Ha! I understand your caste system and your enslaving Sharia “law” too; my little sweetie! During my break from blogging I actually encountered an artist who stated that Baptists are more dangerous than fundamentalist muslims because the muslims “wouldn’t interfere with a woman’s right to choose.” As this was not said on stage at a Holidome in Reno, I had to ask what “choice” she was speaking of. Clearly islamic sharia gives humans very few choices and abortion is not one of them. Hell, those folks kill their sisters for having been raped! I also noted that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist preacher at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Don’t Islamists Usually Kill the Rapee?

Don’t we usually hear about fundamental Islamists avenging rapes by killing the rape victim? Well this time al qaeda has murdered two US soldiers in their usual grisly fashion and they are parading a video of the act on the internet. The Gateway Pundit has an excellent rundown on the video story including links to photos and the video. I would strongly suggest avoiding those. Suffice it to say that our enemies are sick.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: Tennessee’s Ford Family

Sweetness and Light has posted a typically fawning AP story on Harold Ford Jr. and his quest for a Senate seat in Tennessee. Sweetness and Light has highlighted the Ford family corruption “issues” like the time his father, a former Democratic congressman was convicted on federal bank fraud charges and his uncle’s bribery scandal; you have to look to the comments section to find out that his sister was recently tossed out of the Tennessee House in a vote fraud scandal.

Some Americans Hate the American Flag

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 I put my flag up on my way out the door to work; as usual, it was the only flag that I saw in my neighborhood. On my walk to the el I used to walk by a food pantry that seemed to cater to gay adults and they always had some sort of ultra-liberal window display. That morning it was a window display that blamed George Bush for the AIDS epidemic. I didn’t stop to try and figure out their logic but it did give me a chuckle. At the time that AIDS first turned up in America George Bush was still hitting the sauce, did he get a little too looped one night and start a scourge? But I digress. At the time I lived in a sometimes radical neighborhood and repeatedly had my flag vandalized, stolen and burned. When I returned that afternoon the Bush nonsense was gone and many people were flying their flags.

Joel Stein of the LA Times may have been one of my neighbors, yesterday he wrote
Eek: A Flag on my Lawn”. Writing as if he had seen a mouse (the horrors!) the poor guy gets much excised over the display of the flag and tries to opine that the people who fly flags are all some sorts of rubes. Having been to LA (and liking it) I was surprised that someone would feign sophistication. Especially such sophistication over a flag.

Instead of reading Stein’s drivel, or in addition, check out
Betsy’s Page for a great anti-Stein rant!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

When will the NY Times Announce Sean Penn's Address?

I have not written on last Sunday's "news" piece concerning the homes of Vice President Cheney and Sec of Defense Rumsfeld because I don't really know what to think of it. It later came out that the Secret Service didn't consider the publication threatening and that the Rumsfeld's office also didn't consider the publication to be a threat. Part of this probably is due to the fact that a realitively determined person could find that information. You don't just drop the Vice President of the United States into a neighborhood without setting some tongues wagging, especially among the real estate agents!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another Beautiful Ecurie-prepared 911 gets ready for the BRIC vintage races at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wi.

c Flying Debris

Sunday Porsche Blogging: Light due to Obligations

c Flying Debris
A 2002 Boxster S in rare Polar Silver Metalic paint. 18 wheels and the optional hardtop

Obligations including work, social life, driving and cars have kept me from being able to find the time this week to work on many outside interests, so some photos will have to do!