Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Lies to College Students

Sen. John Kerry (D-Ma) has told a group of college students that they would end up in Iraq if they don’t study hard and “make an effort to be smart”; those poor kids who do “make an effort to be smart” but fail could end up as a Senator from Massachusetts. An added bonus would be to kill a sibling’s campaign staffer. I would like to add that Kerry sounds like somebody’s mother telling her children to eat their vegetables. “There are starving children in Iraq you know!”

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Inconspicuous Porsche

c Shannon Larrot
This is The Perfect Porsche for Deer Hunting Season

This 996 version of the Porsche Carrera (911) was wrecked, turned into a track car and subsequently recertified and registered for the street. At that point Shannon Larrot decided to something unusual to his water cooled Porsche. Just in time for the various hunting seasons.

Thanks to the guys at the Autoblog.

Democratic Paranoia Pointed in Wrong Direction - Again

This morning’s NY Times is reporting that the Venezuelan government has invested in and may hold sway over an American voting machine software manufacturer. The company, Smartmatic had no experience in voting machine technology when it was hired by the Venezuelan government to run the fraudulent 2004 election in that gas fueled banana republic. The firm then used the windfall from that Venezuelan election to buy the larger more experienced firm Sequoia Voting Systems. At the time Smartmatic was located in the Boca Raton home of the father of two Venezuelan engineers who were listed as officers of the company, the firm also had one secretary.

In its typical fashion the NY Times whitewashed the disgraceful Venezuelan election that Smartmatic was involved in. The 2004 Venezuelan election was fraudulent by any measure other than that of American weakling Jimmy Carter, who along with the fascist government of Hugo Chavez was about the only one to claim that the 2004 election was clean. (Okay, maybe Tina Fey did, but that would be it!) Carter, the former protégé of noted Democratic racist and former Georgia Governor Lester Maddux wouldn’t know a clean election if it was growing in one of his peanut fields. In fairness to the Times, they do go on to quote Avi Rubin, a computer expert from Johns Hopkins, who was quoted as saying that the election's audit was done “all wrong.” No word yet from the Times on the actual election that was roundly criticized in all quarters excepting Carter, Chavez and possibly the above mentioned SNL “newscaster” Tina Fey.

After years of paranoid tales involving US voting machine (and ATM and cash register…) manufacturer Diebold coming from the modern John Birch Society of the Democratic Party, I wonder about their reaction to the ownership of a voting machine company by a foreign government that has systematically used vote fraud and voter intimidation to secure its own power. Although this issue was questioned last spring by Manhattan (and Queens) Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney, if the Times article is any indication the “Democratic Wing” of the Democratic Party does not care and they will continue their mantra that mucho American fraud emanates from Green, Ohio and that those thugs in Caracas are “just good people out trying to make an honest living; unlike those election-stealing thugs in Ohio!” Dr. Sanity might describe such an utterance as “projection”. Thank you once again Dr. Sanity.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

VW Pimps the Pope’s New Ride

c Volkswagen
The Pope's new stretch VW Phaeton

VW has given the Pope a new 450 hp stretch VW Phaeton W12. It may not look as cool as Pope John Paul’s Ferrari but at least you can drive the thing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CBOT and CME to Merge

It was announced this morning that the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange would merge. CBOT members would recieve .3006 shares of Class A CME shares for each CBOT Class A Common share. Terrence Duffy, currently the Chairman of the CME will Chair the merged corporation.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Iranian-American Pleads for Sense and Reason in America

The Gateway Pundit has linked to a great piece by Amil Imani on the importance of the coming elections and it’s not about gay Republicans. It truly is a plea for reason and for America to undertake what are our responsibilities due to the fact that there simply is nobody else in the world to undertake the missions. There are millions upon millions of people in this world yearning to be free who have only one light shining at the end of their tunnels, the United States. Unfortunately for those “huddled masses” one of the largest obstacles currently in their path is the Democratic Party of the United States. Here is an excerpt:

What about that other Democratic genius, Jimmy Carter’s handling of the 1979 Revolution in Iran? The 1979 uprising of the Iranian people was hardly Islamic until Carter and his mis-advisors decided to support the mullahs, instead of going to the aid of the secular Iranians who yearned for a democratic society.So, here are George W. Bush and the Republicans trying to clean up the horrific mess the Democrats left behind. The savage mullahs of Iran are plenty evil without the bomb. With the bomb, the end is truly at hand. The mullahs have no compunctions about killing tens of thousands of their own people. They have set up a “Special Court of the Clergy” to try and imprison any of their own clerics who dare to oppose their doomsday designs. They even arrest and torture the ordinarily untouchable ayatollahs for speaking up for the rule of law and tolerance.These are terribly trying times. Free people must decide their priorities with foresight and wisdom and shy away from shortsighted simplistic solutions. It is by far more prudent to face the implacable Islamofascists on the march now than to cut and run. There is no safe place to run. Our best hope for safety is to firmly resist Islamofascism in all its forms. We Iranian-Americans greatly cherish freedom, perhaps a bit more than others, because we have been first-hand witnesses to the horrors of Islamofascism. And we keep in mind that freedom is not free. Anyone or any party that promises otherwise is either a fool or a charlatan.

Leftist Lawyer Only Gets 28 Months

Although the government was seeking 30 years radical lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced to 28 months in federal prison today after being convicted of materially aiding terrorism last year. Ms. Stewart was the attorney for the infamous “blind sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman, when she essentially acted as a mob lawyer who was passing on directions for hits. She had taken the case under unusual terms that she had clearly agreed to; among other things her discussions with her client were taped and listened to by the government. Ms. Stewart used her position to attempt to talk louder and over conversations between her client and others so that the government recorder would not be able to discern what was being transmitted in Arabic. She also passed on a message from her client during a press conference; that public revelation was in direct violation of the order that she had signed when she agreed to help her terrorist client.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Democratic Chickenhawker Studds Dead at 69

Former Democratic Congressman and notorious Chickenhawker Gerry Studds died this morning in Boston. Ironically he was 69 when he passed away. Mr. Studds has been back in the news of late due to the Mark Foley/Congressional Page scandal that has been sweeping Washington DC for several weeks now. Mr. Studds was an openly gay man who apparently had a thing for young boys. He was caught up in a scandal that involved Mr. Studds taking a 17 year-old Congressional Page to Portugal in order to have some sort of romantic vacation; ok, Studds took the Page to Portugal to have sex with him. Studds was also notorious for his refusal to take his eventual Congressional censure like a man. He turned his back on the House of Representatives when his censure was read into the Congressional Record; of course Mr. Studds was used to turning his backside to a room full of men. Not only did the Democratic Party largely support Mr. Studds in that censure vote but Mr. Studds was also subsequently re-elected 5 times by his Provincetown, Ma. district.

Update: The Gateway Pundit has a taste of the blogosphere’s take on the Democratic molester.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We Would Support the Troops, if We Knew Who the Heck they Were!

The Democratic National Committee has a portion of their web site dedicated to “Veterans and Military Families”. Besides the fact that the main group photo of the “military families” appears to have been taken while they were making that strange Ned Lamont/ Markos of Kos ad, they apparently couldn’t find any photos of actual American soldiers. You would think that somebody in the DNC would have taken some sort of photo of an American soldier during the nearly five years that we have been actively fighting in the middle-east. No the “patriots” in the Democratic Party simply went online and found a suitable (for their purposes) photo of a soldier in uniform and posted it so that the world would know how much they “care about the troops.” Problem number one is that they apparently do not know what an American soldier looks like. Here’s a hint to all of those Democrats out there: in accordance with the Geneva Convention American soldiers wear uniforms and insignias that designate them as American soldiers.

It appears that the wiz-kids at the DNC searched the web for a photo of an American soldier and they found and posted a photo of a Canadian soldier. This could make some of those AWOL Democratic soldiers up in Canada a little nervous; “do you mean that the Canadians might send us to Iraq? I’m going to Venezuela!” Problem number two is that it appears that many or most of the “dedicated” members of the Democratic Party seem to use American soldiers for sometimes unseemly propaganda purposes, making this entire exercise silly.

As always the Gateway Pundit has a piece on the Dem-Squads latest nonsense as does both the wonderful Michelle Malkin and one of the webs photoshopping experts Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Legge’s Car Breaks Up in the Kink

The Kink at Road America is a tough place even when the car stays together

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Al Gore: Pot Smokers Imperil World’s Environment!

Amsterdam, Sept. 30. While speaking before a symposium at the Stones Cafe in downtown Amsterdam former United States Vice President Al Gore shook up the normally complacent Stones crowd with his declaration that “toking-up leads to even more global warming!” Mr. Gore went on to explain to those gathered in front of the Stones main stage that “back in the day we used a No-Smoke-Toker” and urged the assembled crowd to “check out the new vaporizer technology that is coming on the market.” The assembled crowd seemed to get the message despite the fact that many of them held flaming lighters in the air during the former Vice President’s encore. One audience member, American ex-pat Joe “Rookie” Stetson of Boulder, Colorado had this to say, “Yeh man like, I knew that my bong was a weapon of mass destruction but I didn’t realize that it was also destroying the Arctic!” He then vowed to “check out one of those Vapo-Rub things that Al was talking about.”

The former Vice President’s appeal for environmental help in the heart of Europe’s marijuana using community underlines how seriously he takes this message. This European appeal follows a similar theme in a speech before the delegates to the United Nations. In that Thursday night speech Mr. Gore stated (the Drudge link has gone bad) that cigarette smoking is a "significant contributor to global warming!" The reactions of the assembled cigar and cigarette puffing foreign dignitaries were not fit for a family newspaper. After leaving the Stones Café Mr. Gore said that he was “getting back on my plane”, a retrofitted Boeing 727 dubbed “Pollution for a Solution!” and that he was heading to Rome in order to “talk to the Pontiff about all of those candles!”

Warning: The Above is Satire!