Thursday, March 29, 2007

Liberals Ignore Geneva Convention

I am still waiting for the liberal outrage over the refusal of Iran to follow the Geneva Convention on POWs; a treaty that both Iran and Britain have signed. This Daily Mail article titled "Iranians Parade Navy Woman in hijab" outlines one of the violations; parading prisoners in front of cameras for publicity. This is contrary to the Geneva Convention, however the ignorant leftists of our world don't care. This is just another example that gives the lie to liberal nonsense concerning their "feelings". The woman in the photo has "confessed" to being in Iranian territorial waters; a lie that has been proven through the use of radar and GPS. This is another violation of the Geneva Convention. What did the Iranians do to illegally coerce her into making those statements? The woman should be in a British uniform rather than an islamic scarf, another violation. The British government has been denied access and the sailors have been kept in a secret place, both violations of the Geneva Conventions. Western leftist will stop at nothing to sell out freedom. Hello NY Times!

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