Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gore Laments Fundraising - Suggests Clinton/Gore ’96 as Model

Time Magazine has excerpted Al Gore’s aptly named new book The Assault on Reason and it contains some very helpful hints for US Senators forced to run for reelection. In his new book the former Vice President laments that former Ku Klux Klan member and current Senator, Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) was forced to observe that Senate members were not even in the chamber when Byrd presented another in a long line of his boring and nonsensical speeches. Al Gore brilliantly answered Byrd’s question of where the other Senators were that fateful day with the retort, “(t)he chamber was empty because the Senators were somewhere else.” A statement like that from the man who was once a heartbeat away from the Presidency is, well, frightening.

The former Vice President further wrote that members of the Senate spend too much time raising funds for elections and suggested that they should concentrate their fundraising activities on foreign nationals “like President Clinton and I did.” Mr. Gore suggested getting in touch with any Buddhist Temples in the Senator’s state saying that “those Chinese, they love to gamble, they love American politics, they are concerned about the environment and they want to help!” Gore also mentioned the possibility of registering illegal aliens and criminals to vote saying that “once you have helped them falsify their citizenship papers they will vote for you from beyond the grave.” Mr. Gore also stated that Democratic Senators should consider “raiding the Lock Box to ensure that they can continue saving Social Security from those evil neo-con Republicans”

Warning: the Al Gore quotes in the second paragraph are satirical, as far as I know.

Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity for inclusion in her Carnival of the Insanities again this week.

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