Thursday, June 21, 2007

Obama vs Bloggers

Jerid at the Buckeye State Blog just learned something about my Senator that I could have told him back in 2004, Barack Obama only wants the press around when he wants them around. Jerid went to a New Hampshire Obama event and made the mistake of telling an Obama campaign worker that he is a blogger. Wrong move Jerid.

Back in 2004 Obama initially ran against Republican Jack Ryan for the open Illinois Senate seat until Ryan dropped out of the race after intimate details about his sex life became public fodder. If it matters I went to New Trier East High School with Jack. In an unusual twist the LA Times (part of the Tribune Corp. - of Chicago) and the local ABC affiliate sued in an LA court to make sealed records of his divorce to TV star Jeri Ryan public. Both Ryans opposed the opening of the sealed records because they didn't want their son and all of his friends to be privy to the most private parts of his parent's lives. The Tribune won, Jack Ryan dropped out of the race, was replaced by Alan Keyes and now we have Senator Obama. In the weeks before the files were actually released some of my Democratic friends in the legal community knew the details of the story that was eventually released. It turns out that during a divorce hearing Jeri testified that Jack attempted to get her to go to sex clubs in New York City, New Orleans and Paris. The charges were disputed.

Jack Ryan's short campaign did feature a foreshadowing of one part of Obama's campaign style; when the Ryan campaign started to use a person with a video camera to videotape Obama the Obama campaign went bonkers complaining about the unfairness of it all. Right on schedule many in the local media started to whine about the complete and utter unfairness of it it all, the evil Republican "dirty trick" machine, the "dark meaning" of it all, etc. It was actually just a video camera although Ryan's Wikipedia page states that the videographer followed and heckled Obama with "questions", frankly it sounds like something out of a Clinton campaign. The Ryan campaign really lost an opportunity by not attacking Obama for not being prepared to live in the public eye and for making a case that he was saying different things to different audiences. There were reports that his speeches varied pretty dramatically depending on the crowd. The Ryan campaign actually submitted by pulling their camera and then the Tribune and ABC won their case.

It is also worth noting that Obama (along with my other Senator, Dick Durbin) voted for the notorious (among bloggers anyways) amendment that to a much needed ethics bill (Senate Bill 1 and House Resolution 4682) that would've forced bloggers who write about congress to register with the federal government and submit quarterly reports under threat of monetary penalties and prison. Look, if Obama is willing to put you in jail for not submitting your Form 2789 Quarter 2 Federal Web Log Registry Report then maybe he just doesn't want press that is not controlled press.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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