Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barry Manilow - Barely Man Enough

When I started writing this blog if I had been told that someday I would write about Barry Manilow I would have laughed out loud, yet here I am writing about Barry Manilow. Any white guy who grew up in the '70s with sisters is well aware of the sappy stylings of Mr. Manilow and surely like myself, they also hope that they never hear the strains of "Mandy", ever again. My sisters do not watch the View (that I know of) but surely somebody's sisters are watching because Mr. Manilow has been on the View twice and he would have appeared again this morning except that Manilow refused to appear on stage with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the View's lone conservative. That is just utterly pathetic. Do you think that Mr. Manilow believes that conservatives also cut themselves off from others due to political beliefs? That would really make for a lonely life here in Chicago and frankly, the rest of America.

Michelle Malkin has a great post on the kerfuffle and she has linked to Mr. Manilow's recent political donations, max contributions to: Ewards, Obama, Clinton, Biden and get this, a max contribution to Ron Paul last summer. Bipartisan indeed!

Hat Tip: Dean Barnett at the Hugh Hewitt Townhall blog, check out the video Dean linked to in that post!

Update: Many Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity for inclusion in her Carnival of Insanities again this week.

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