Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CBS News Writers to Join Fictional Brethren?

According to the NY Post the news writers at CBS News will vote Thursday on whether or not to join their brethren the screenwriters on strike. Although it is pretty funny that CBS, notorious for anchor Dan Rather's use of fictional documents to sway the last presidential election, happens to be the first network whose news rooms will be hit by of all things a strike of "news writers". Another amusing aspect is the fact that the news rooms are unionized as a writers guild rather than a news guild. On the other hand, to some degree the two camps have the same issues with post-broadcast royalties. There is much more use of post-broadcast entertainment programming than there is news programming but the news content is out there. Documentaries often use news footage and certainly the broadcast news magazines sell their programming after the initial broadcast. So it makes sense that those "news writers" have an interest in the fight of their brethren the screenwriters.

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