Friday, November 09, 2007

Kristallnacht Anniversary

Today is the 69th anniversary of Kristallnacht. The date, which should live in infamy, should be a marker of remembrance for all of us. For some time I have looked at some of my fellow Chicagoans and known what was felt by some German Jews after Kristallnacht. The night has also been known as the "Night of Broken Glass" as it featured Nazis who smashed the windows of Jewish businesses in Nazi Germany. Sure it was a warning to get out of Germany but if you put yourself in the shoes of German Jews you will likely find plenty of reasons that they didn't leave, including the idea that their neighbors couldn't possibly be that evil.

The world's jihadists did not break windows as a warning, they went straight to killing Jews. I have made the comment comparing modern-day leftist America to post-Kristallnacht Berlin in order to attempt to understand the frustration of what was then a group of forward thinking German Jews who wanted to leave Germany to some of my liberal friends and the liberals simply do not understand the comparison. In all fairness, many liberals do not understand the world outside of their parochial lives, they do however spend a lot of time reading fantasy novels and the NY Times (is there a difference?). So they could be excused if they simply stayed silent on subjects that they do not understand, instead they insist that the world's murderous jihadis are a figment of some evil neo-con's imagination. These folks simply do not appreciate having reality "thrown in" their faces.

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