Wednesday, December 12, 2007

35 Seconds Over the World Trade Center

How many people should die in order for some of our fellow countrymen to not feel any discomfort? Would the allegedly virtuous among us trade the lives of the murdered Cantor Fitzgerald employees in order to make themselves feel better about themselves? How about the murdered employees of Marsh McLennan? How about the murdered employees of AON Insurance? How about the lives of the WTC janitors and support staff? How about the lives of all of those courageous firemen? How about the lives of the murdered Pentagon employees?

We now know that at our nation has used "waterboarding" on all of three al qada terrorist leaders and that the technique was successful 100% of the time. We further know that Abu Zubaida cracked after 35 seconds. The technique was used on that terrorist for all of 35 seconds, lo and behold the next day he told his interrogators that Allah had visited him and told him to cooperate. They did not use the waterboarding technique on that al qada leader for extended periods as has been demonstrated by various liberal groups here in the US.

So that's what our nation did, made some terrorist uncomfortable for 35 seconds, 35 seconds. Let me repeat that, our nation made a murderer uncomfortable for 35 seconds. Many of us had similar experiences at the local pool as children. Right on schedule Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid, in his most serious sounding voice (actually a poor attempt at gravitas where nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition) would trade the lives of hundreds or even thousands of innocent Americans in order to keep the likes of Abu Zubaidat comfortable for an additional 35 seconds. Thank you Senator Reid.

Many of these, ahem, adults, claim that by waterboarding our enemies we give those enemies an excuse to torture our captured soldiers. This is an argument that is so divorced from reality that it should be relegated to junior high. We are not, nor will we in the foreseeable future be at war with Sweden. We are and likely will continue to fight barbarians who practice actual torture, not the type that I suffer through while attempting to listen Democrats discuss this issue. Our enemies use torture techniques that are appalling, including electrical shocks, hanging and beheading, they likely laugh at the very idea that 35 seconds of discomfort is being defined as torture by American Democrats. Furthermore the last American enemy to abide by what we have come to know as the Geneva Conventions were some members of the German Luftwaffe. Yes that's right, the Nazis were our last enemy to treat some of our troops humanely. It should be noted that this was not true throughout the German military or even the Luftwaffe.

We should all ask our Democratic friends (and some Republicans, hello Sen. McCain) to what extent should we endanger our lives and our way of life in order to make some feel virtuous about themselves? Who among us would trade 35 seconds of discomfort to a terrorist for any American family?

The inspiration for the title was the 1944 classic, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, the story of the Jimmy Doolittle Raid.

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Blogger Publia said...

So we have 35 seconds for one terrorist. Maybe we can find out the total for all 3? And what about the families about those who perished? Have they ever recovered? I'll bet not.

9:08 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

You are right, those families won't ever fully recover. That's a lot more than 35 seconds, or whatever the total time was for those terrorists. Flying Debris still gets hits for a post I wrote on Barry Kirschbaum, the former head of security at Marsh, a WTC murder victim and a mensch. His family still remembers and celebrates his life, without him.

9:47 PM  

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