Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Illinois Democrats Now Trying to Ruin Metra

They have done a heck of a great job ruining the Chicago Transit Authority so now they have turned to Metra, Chicago's local commuter rail service. Suburban Republican Congressman Mark Kirk (US 10th) had this to say: "(t)he bottom line is this: California, Florida [and] Texas do not suffer from this kind of political gridlock," Kirk said. "Our inaction in Springfield could lead to a huge windfall for other states."

The congressman's statement pretty much says it all about our state, the political gridlock is the Democratic Party.

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Anonymous mpw280 said...

To really paraphrase his statement:
we should lock them in a room and let them hammer out a bipartisan agreement or let them kill themselves. Personnaly, I like the latter. The pitiful state of Illinois has seen most of the states its size generate budget surpluses, but the pizza delivery boy in charge of this state has seen fit to run it into the ground. How can a state with the financial, farming, and industrial capacity of Illinois be in the red after so many good economic years?

11:58 PM  
Blogger Publia said...

Maybe its the public transit? California, Florida, and Texas are all car dependent.

Just joking, but fearing this state is soon to be a really big joke, except the joke's on us.

Be prepared! Quick, go grab the name "Car Driver!"

12:03 AM  

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