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Chicago Sun Times Editors - In Favor of Vote Fraud

The Chicago Sun Times editorial board came out four-square in favor of vote fraud this morning. In an editorial in this morning's Sun Times they have come up with the usual nonsense in order to continue the status quo in this corrupt city. The US Supreme Court is hearing a case involving an Indiana requirement to have some sort of ID to cast a ballot. John Fund in this morning's Wall Street Journal (subscription required) pointed out that the first test of this law was in the recent mayoral election in Indianapolis.

Indiana, like other states provides the indigent with free state IDs in place of a drivers license. Federal law also requires the use of provisional ballots and 32 of those ballots were used in that city election, the voter using a provisional ballot is required to certify his or her identification within 10 days, only 2 people chose to do so. Now there can be many reasons that those 30 people chose not to certify their ballots and one of them is fraud.

The Sun Times also stated that there has been no evidence of "widespread" poll fraud, I guess that it all depends on the meaning of the word "widespread". The whole thing would be funny if it weren't so serious; apparently the, ahem, journalists, are not familiar with ACORN and their recent involvement in vote fraud in Missouri with 35,000 possible fraudulent registrations nor are they familiar with the problems in Washington State. Maybe they even forgot that in 1996 Al Gore led a drive that illegally registered thousands of illegal aliens in California, many of whom later voted to elect Loretta Sanchez (D-Ca).

It is also very notable that Chicago civic lore has long basked in the glory of various stolen elections, most notably the 1960 Presidential ballot that elected John F. Kennedy. All of that bragging ended early Wednesday morning November 8, 2000. It would after all look pretty bad to be bragging about stealing elections here in Chicago while the mayor's brother was down in Florida attempting to steal an election. The examples of ballot fraud may not be legion because the crime is so tough to investigate, however Mr. Fund has numerous examples in his WSJ piece.

What the Democratic supporters of "free-for-all" balloting refuse to admit is that every time a fraudulent voter casts a ballot that ballot negates the ballot of a legitimate, legal voter. In fact for years local Democrats acted as if every time they stole a vote an angel in heaven rang a bell. We constantly hear from Democrats that Republicans are regularly attempting to disenfranchise minority voters; what the Democrats in this town and others have done is to disenfranchise legal voters, all of us.

Beyond the obvious problem of vote fraud the Sun Times is showing that they feel that they are above everybody else, not a very good thing for a newspaper that positions itself as being the paper for the regular working person. They have essentially labeled themselves as elite by demanding that people be allowed to vote multiple times under Lord knows how many alias' while refusing to allow anybody into the Sun Times own offices without showing a legal ID. Do as I say, not as I do.

The Backyard Conservative wrote on this issue while I was working and she points out that Barack Obama once worked for that bastion of vote fraud ACORN.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found this on Insty:

Seems the front face for the opposition to the id law in Indy was, wait for it, registered to vote in two places. But we are assured by the lawyers for the anti id law side that is was "unintentional" and that she would never "intentionally" vote twice. Of course she was nailed by the law and is really the poster child of why this law should be the law of the land.


5:54 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

As you can see, that link is behind the comment box due to a programming issue within Blogger. The kpcnews site is a pay site and I cannot, in good conscious pay to see the news of Fort Wayne. I'm sure that you can see my point. However that address might fit in one of the lower comment areas. Thanks, that is just too funny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well we will try this again in light of all the undead who vote in the city of Chicago and the county of Cook. The website is as follows:


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