Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama: Iraqis "Just Sitting Around Waiting to Get Blown Up" Before Dems Won Mid-Terms

 Sure it sounds crazy but that is essentially what the man said last night. Many reports on last night's Democratic debate have noted Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) assessment of the Surge and the reason for the recent turnaround of our fortunes in Iraq. Of course the Senator spoke with so much gravitas and he looked so deadly serious while saying it that one may forget the underlying premise, that before last January the people of Iraq were perfectly happy getting blown up , indiscriminately murdered, tortured, beheaded, etc. etc. Then the Democrats threatened to abandon the Iraqi people to the wolves that were already preying on them. The Iraqi people were allegedly inspired by the Democrats insistence that the Iraq War was already lost

 I think that any reasonable observer would have to agree that the Iraqi people were not living in high cotton before last year so the implication that they were simply too lazy to get their collective acts together until some "looming" threat of American withdrawal came to pass seems fanciful. If that was the collective thinking of Iraqi society one has to wonder why they didn't simply sit on their duffs and await their fate under their next tyrant? I wonder if he looked at Chicagoans that way while he was an "activist"?

 It is also notable that the Arab world has been bombarded with information surrounding the last time that the Democrats forced America to cut and run in Vietnam. Here is just one of those reminders, from Al Qaeda's number two guy less than one month before what Senator Obama has deemed some sort of world-view shattering election. It is also notable that the Surge had been working for months before the Democratic party turned to Senator "Let "Em Eat Falafels" in Iowa.

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