Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Root of A Lot of Evil...

Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, above, spoke truth to Islam with the film below.

The above 11 minute film is the one that got Theo Van Gogh murdered. Van Gogh, the great-grandson of Vincent Van Gogh's brother Theo, created the short film Submission from a script written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Submission is the English translation of the Arabic word Islam. Mr. Van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam (a city whose flag features three St. Andrew's Crosses) by an Islamic jihadist who shot Van Gogh eight times, slit his throat (nearly decapitating him) and stabbed him twice, leaving the knives to pin a five page anti-western missive attached to his body.

The film is about the violence towards women that is such a major part of some strains of Islam. Supported by the Koran the subject of the film is beaten by her husband and raped by her uncle, the later being an honor thing I guess. The film is representative of a problem faced by many strains of Islam, half the members of nearly every family is enslaved. Here in the West we have seen the problems of people who grow up in dysfunctional modern families, we now have to deal with a large portion of the world in which that dysfunction is institutionalized by religion while those societies attempt to deal with modernity. Lord help us.

Thanks to Little Green Football's new Saturday Morning Linkage for the reminder that Submission is on YouTube.

Many Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity for inclusion in her Carnival of Insanities again this week. Go Read Her Blog!

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