Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama, Simply Wrong on Iraq

We keep hearing from the Obama people that Barack has always been right on the war, yet now that he is under a larger microscope and has more chances to put his foot in his mouth we are getting a better idea how a President Obama would look at the world strategically. No wonder those who have sometimes desired a weaker America are now rooting for Obama.

Here is what Chicago lawyer Barack Obama had to say about a possible increase in American troop strength in Iraq just fourteen months ago while speaking before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, "(w)hile some have proposed escalating this war by adding thousands of more troops, there is little reason to believe that this will achieve [victory]," After the Senator gave a vague description of his plan for withdrawal Senator Obama stated "(o)nly through this phased redeployment can we send a clear message to the Iraqi factions that the U.S. is not going to hold together this country indefinitely -- that it will be up to them to form a viable government that can effectively run and secure Iraq,"

Okay, a little over a year later what we have seen is that Senator Obama was completely wrong, I will not question him over his lack of superpowers that would enable the Senator to peer into the future, I will however question why he is today acting as if his words were at all prescient. Just this week the Senator said of the Iraq Sunnis that "after the Democrats were elected in 2006, you know what, the Americans may be leaving soon, and we are going to be left very vulnerable to the Shi'as." If that is Obama's reading of the past fourteen months then he probably shouldn't sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The incredible turnaround in our fortunes in Iraq came about after the Iraqi people and especially tribal leaders saw that America was not taking the defeatist advice of the world's Obamas but was in fact doubling down. To the tribal leaders our actions showed them things that they understand, power, money and guts. There is really no doubt that their cooperation, something that even Obama says is important, was secured after they understood that America was sticking around and stepping it up. Senator Obama on the other hand has been calling for America's near immediate withdrawal for years.

The Democrats have also been chanting the mantra that you can't only have a military solution as if there has been such a demand. What that plea seems to ignore is the likelihood that military "solutions" can force unreasonable parties to be politically reasonable whereas there is little reason to believe that simple political solutions can make meaningful lasting change to violent conflicts. That's just human nature at work on both sides of such a conflict.

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You should post up this list of previous posts every time you write the word "Obama."

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Last night I decided that I would do that. It took me a while to wade through the 630-some posts because the blog search engine limited the number of entries shown and only went back to last fall.

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Nice work. Keep the facts about Obama front and center.Thanks.

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