Friday, January 25, 2008

McCain Advisor: "America Not Corrupt Enough!"

What else would one think after reading the words of McCain National Director of Hispanic Outreach Juan Hernandez. Michelle Malkin has the story about the McCain adviser who was once an adviser to failed Mexican President Vincente Fox. Hernandez ran Fox's Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad. Mr. Hernandez called Mexico and the United States not two separate countries but "just a region." Clearly this Hernandez character believes that the United States should be more like our failed neighbor Mexico, a country mired in insider corrupt dealings. It is a failed oligarchy with nationalized industries and a population so poor that they travel thousands of miles to simply get a job. The Mexican national oil company, Pemex is notoriously corrupt and inefficient. The Mexican police are so notoriously corrupt that they are "world class" bribe-takers. Large parts of that failed nation are currently undergoing a communist-led siege, Mexico City is so dirty that the US gives our diplomats hazard pay for simply breathing the air. Machismo is such a problem in that capital city that the city has instituted women only buses due to the "groping" that has been taking place elsewhere on the bus system.

Michelle has a great rundown of the sick opinions held by the disgraceful Hernandez and it is well worth reading. No wonder every liberal loser wants the Republicans to nominate McCain. Does McCain also think that we should import the pathos of Mexico? If he claims to not desire that outcome, what the heck is he doing with this Hernandez character?

After watching last night's Republican Debate (with a couple of NBC weenies running the show) I must say that I can see why Anne over at the Backyard Conservative is so excited over the Romney campaign. Heck she even went to Iowa during a storm to work for the guy.

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