Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jay Grodner - Guilty

This morning's Chicago Tribune contains another one of John Kass' fantastic columns, this one is on anti-American local divorce lawyer Jay Grodner, the guy who keyed the car of a local Marine, Sgt. Michael McNulty. McNulty was then preparing to report for a second tour of duty in Iraq. Flying Debris discussed Chicago lawyer Grodner here and here, Grodner keyed McNulty's car when he noticed the Marine themed Illinois licence plates on the car. As an adult American who has richly benefited from the protections given him by members of the United States Armed Forces Jay Grodner should be ashamed of his actions. He is not.

Mr. Grodner had his day in court last Friday over at Belmont and Western and the proceedings were well covered by the Trib's Kass who noted that the prosecutor and the Judge were both former Marines and that the Judge gave the following lecture to Mr. Grodner after asking the lawyer whether or not he knew why the court was packed with former members of the US Marine Corps:

"That's because there is a little principle that the Marine Corps has had since 1775," the judge continued. "When they fought and lost their lives so that people like you could enjoy the freedom of this country. It is a little proverb that we follow: No Marine is left behind."

"So Sgt. McNulty couldn't be here. But other Marines showed up in his stead. Take him away,"

And Mr. Grodner was taken away due to the fact that the judge had issued a warrant for his arrest for repeatedly being late for his hearings. Mr. Grodner plead guilty, after much hemming hawing and some stern questioning from the judge. His fine was $600 that will go to a Marine charity and if Mr. Grodner doesn't pay up within a month he will wind up in an Illinois jail for a year. Grodner told Kass that he is a "radical liberal" and that his local business is probably lost and that he would have to move. An adult who vandalizes has some issues beyond the whole "radical liberal" thing but it is interesting how the Internet made Chicago into a small town for Mr. Grodner, now we all know his business.

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