Monday, January 14, 2008

Sidney "Sid Viscous" Blumenthal Joins DAMM

Noted propagandist, senior Clinton adviser, all around dishonest guy and former Chicagoan Sidney "Sid Viscous" Blumenthal was arrested for "aggravated " DWI ("aggravated" due to his high rate of speed) early last Monday morning, hours before the New Hampshire primary. Before today Mr. Blumenthal is probably most famous for telling reporters that Monica Lewinski was a stalker and for lying to the press about his testimony to the grand jury investigating the Clinton/Lewinski mess. The grand jury forewoman told Mr. Blumenthal the following in response to his earlier public statements on the steps of the courthouse that they were then in: “We’re very concerned about the fact that during your last visit that an inaccurate representation of the events that happened was retold on the steps of the courthouse.”

So old Sid went out, got a buzz on and drove back to his hotel at 70 mph in the middle of the night; well we all know from the first eight Clinton years that the Clintons and those around them do everything "for the children", so I guess that Sid has up and joined Drunks Against Mad Mothers. Let's face it, 70 mph drunk in a rental car in the dark and in a strange place is bare minimum Drunks Against Grown Trees.

Hat Tip: Drudge

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