Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

Now go Vote! Well, if you live in one of those Super-Duper Tuesday States. If you are in New Orleans this morning here is a schedule of parades:
Zulu - Uptown, 8 a.m.
Rex - Uptown, 10 a.m.
Elks Orleans - after Rex
Crescent City - after Elks
Argus - Metairie, 10 a.m.
Jefferson Trucks - after Argus
Elks Jefferson - after Jefferson
Grela - West Bank, 11 a.m.

Don't miss Zulu or Rex. I still have the Rex doubloon that was tossed by the then Grand Marshall Ed McMahon.

Check out this site for video and web cams.

Update - Correction: I wrote this post too early this morning, Ed Mc Mahon was King of Bachus not King of Rex when I snatched a King of Bacchus doubloon out of the air after Ed Mc Mahon threw it from his throne/float on Canal Street. All that high jumping finally came in handy.

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Blogger Publia said...

Laissez les bons temps roulez! After Katrina, crewes were actively seeking new members (but nothing like Zulu or Rex, of course). I was thinking of signing up, then I remembered I can't hold my liquor . . .

1:39 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

I wrote that post early this morning, Mc Mahon was King of Bachus not Rex, Bachus is more appropriate for Ed. I heard the same thing about some of those crewes, you could also get a room at the Royal Sonesta (on Bourbon) or the Royal Orleans (where James Bond stayed)! Mardi Gras in New Orleans sober does not sound like anything that I would advocate, in fact I always give people one piece of advice on Mardi Gras: Do Not Wake Up In New Orleans on Ash Wednesday. Imagine an entire city that is hung over, a lot of the people and some of the city infrastructure just look beat.

3:25 PM  

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