Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flying Debris Gets Friendly Link From MyDD?

Talk about eating your young. I was kind of surprised to see visitors coming over from MyDD so I followed the link to find out how I had teed them off and imagine my surprise when I found a woman "diarist" over there who has noticed that although the press doesn't print much of anything bad about Obama, bad stuff is out there. The "diarist" Susanhu linked to this post that features a disgusting Gianoulias/Obama campaign commercial. The same "post" is also on No Quarter. Sen Clinton's (D-NY) mistake was to zero in on Rezko, when combined with Gianoulias the Rezko matter really starts to call into question Obama's ability to judge others. I also wonder how many political nuts in the rest of the country know that Obama's home here in Chicago was purchased with some sort of untoward help from Mr. Rezko? The comments to Ms. Hu's "diary" make it appear that many people aren't fully informed on even the Reko situation. It's too bad that Ms. Hu missed this post that contains a long list of Obama posts.

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