Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mark Kirk's Iranian Idea Gets More Notice

North Shore Republican Congressman Mark Kirk's idea for dealing peacefully with Iran is getting more notice as the world starts to get their collective minds around the fact that Israel will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power. It can be assumed that Israel would act with extreme prejudice. In this New York Sun piece Mark said "(e)ither we leave this to the United Nations and that is a slow path for Iran getting a nuclear weapon; or the second option is an Israeli attack which is unpredictable and expensive." That is a very sober and realistic assessment of Iran's nuclear ambitions and outside reactions to it.

Mark's idea is to cut off gasoline shipments to Iran, it sounds very counter-intuitive due to Iran's membership in OPEC, they are sizable crude oil exporters. However Mark wants to exploit the fact that Iran does not have the refinery capacity to supply their own gasoline needs, Iran only supplies 40% of their own gas, they even had riots over an abandoned gas rationing plan earlier this year. The linked article is an interesting read.

Mark's opposition in this year's election is the same lightweight he beat 19 months ago, while Mark Kirk has been doing the heavy thinking Dan Seals has been standing on the corner of Milwaukee and Half Day giving away gas and campaign literature while causing a lunchtime traffic jam. The choice between the two is a no brainer.

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