Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama: Just Making It Up As He Goes Along

This You Tube video shows Obama doing an awful job of what he seemingly does best, bamboozle. The tendency of some liberals to say anything at all to try to win a public political argument gets very tiring, it seems very important for some of them to not let reality enter their worlds. That would just wreck everything. The internet is slowly but surely ruining that little game, once was the time when one needed to spend an afternoon in a library to prove a liar wrong, today, thanks to Al Gore, a lie can be exposed with a few keystrokes. One must of course bear in mind that liars are also on the internet.

This video of a befuddled, fumbling, telepromterless Barack Obama has made the rounds with the very reasonable observation that if McCain had done this the press would be in high cotton going on and on about how senile John McCain is. Just as the press would have done if it had been McCain rather than the Black Rand McNally who thoughtfully announced that he had campaigned in 57 states or when he actually based an argument on the idea that Arkansas, rather than his home state of Illinois borders on Kentucky. On Obama's confusion with Kentucky being across the Ohio River from Illinois one should remember that Obama spent eight years in the Illinois legislature in Springfield, Illinois. That would be Springfield, Illinois in southern Illinois, two-hundred miles from the Ohio River.

No, I think that Obama and his campaign strategist David Axelrod are just making it up as they go along. You be the judge.

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