Thursday, July 10, 2008

ACLU to Protect the "Rights" of Machines

The people at the ACLU are planning to sue over the recent FISA legislation that protects the phone companies from being sued over the fact that they will help keep America open and protected from the murderous plots of fascist terrorists. If a terrorist in Syria calls a terrorist in Afghanistan directly without that call being routed through the US his call can be tapped to find information concerning terrorist plots but if that call is routed through a machine in the US then the ACLU wants the terrorists to be free to plot the murder of Americans. More interestingly if those terrorists call a telephone in Dearborn, Michigan that is set up with call forwarding (simply push *72 and hang up the telephone) and the telephone is set up to farward all calls to a terrorist in Afghanistan then the ACLU will be suing to protect the "human right" of that telephone. Rage Against the Machine indeed.

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