Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More on the Democratic Party's Support of Narco-Terrorists

Yesterday in Pelosi Lied - Neighborhoods Died Flying Debris pointed out the disgrace of Democratic leaders secret communications with the narco-terrorist group FARC in Columbia. Unfortunately for the Democrats this news will likely continue to drip out, without much help from the western media, many of whom are in the bag for all sorts of unsavory tyrranical groups. As Powerline reminded us yesterday the contacts between the Democrats and FARC included assurances that the Democrats would stand in the way of a trade pact that would benefit American exporters to Columbia and that the next US president would be Barack Obama who would surely scuttle any trade treaty with Columbia (a treaty that would benefit American workers). The denial of the trade treaty has been an aim of the FARC narco-terrorists and the American Democratic Party has been supportive of those aims, to the detriment of Americans and Columbians and to the benefit of fascists everywhere. They're such good people.

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