Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FARC and the NGOs - Terrorist Enablers Going Down the Media Hole Without the Flying Pigs

I was interested in checking out any reporting on the fact that the narco-terrorist group FARC was very comfortable in having some NGO ferry their prized prisoners around Columbia. Mary Anastasia O'Grady had an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on that subject and considering what's involved (American taxes and charitable donations) one would think that the American media would have some interest in such a story. Well Google's news retrieval service came up with 22 stories for the search term ngo farc in .33 seconds, Google is slipping on the speed here. Yahoo came up with 15 news stories without telling me how long it took them to find the articles. To put that in perspective Google's News service just found 129 news articles about flying pigs in a blazing .10 seconds.

A hint to newspaper owners and editors, this is an example of why you are hemorrhaging money. That means you Sam Zell.

No shock here but see-dubya at Michelle Malkin's site posted on this issue last week and see should get bonus points for use of the term "trustifarian", as in "trustifarian NGO".

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