Monday, July 07, 2008

Pelosi Lied - American Neighborhoods Died

No shock to those of us who pay attention but there is now more proof that Democratic Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the Democratic Party's alliance with the cocaine-trafficking tyrannical terrorist group FARC. Sure, many of her constituents are drug-addled idiots but the rest of us have not been pining for cheaper cocaine on American streets. Having lived in a few different Chicago neighborhoods I know first hand the scourge of crack and heroin and let me tell you, liberals don't care unless it affects them or they can make money off of the situation.

When I lived on Sheffield Ave. across the street from Wrigley Field there was a crack house in a garage right down the allley (also across from Wrigley Field) that was closed by the Chicago Police just in time for the Cubs Opening Day every year. The crack house would move to a less conspicuous spot around the corner until the final game of the season when it would again be open for business. No amount of complaining got the place closed down during the Cubs' off-season.

When I lived on Grace St., a block north of Wrigley, we had a problem with homeless junkies living on Cubs property after the baseball season had ended. The property in question is on Grace St. next door to a shelter for abused women and just maybe a bunch of homeless junkies and alcoholics isn't the best thing to have next to a shelter for abused women but hey, this is liberal Chicago. When I went to the alderman (Chicago's first outwardly gay alderman) his office wanted nothing to do with the issue and stated that they would not help our neighborhood because, get this, "the homeless have to live somewhere." Considering that back then I was paying nearly $10,000 per year in property taxes alone such a response from some liberal boobs (the alderman and his employees) did not go over well with me so I went to the Cubs and received the exact same response. It is notable that the Cubs are owned by the Tribune Corp. of Chicago and that they publish a sinking liberal rag called the Chicago Tribune. Back in the '70s the late great Chicagoan John Belushi described the Tribune as "that fascist newspaper from Chicago" on Saturday Night Live. The more things change...

Anyway, FARC has been a notorious drug operation for over a decade and the American Democratic Party has embraced them, the Democrats are doing some of FARC's dirty work. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have made their stand against a free trade pact with Columbia despite the fact that it would not increase Columbian access to American markets but rather the treaty would increase American access to Columbian markets. Whether the Democratic Party is supporting the narco-terrorist thugs because of the cocaine or because so many Democrats are fascists is inconsequential, their policies have demonstrably increased the availability of cocaine and crack cocaine on the streets of America and in doing so they have been lowering the quality of life for all of us.

HAt Tip: Gateway Pundit - he has a great post on the latest news from the Democratic-Cocaine connection.

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