Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Democratic Taxes

 Here in the uber-blue Democratic utopia of Chicago today marks a new tax increase, the sales tax, a shiny new Cook County tax increase from .75% to 1.75% brings Chicago's sales tax rate to a whopping 10.25%. Add to that a restaurant sales tax of 1.25% for the "downtown" area that pays for McCormick Place and you get an 11.5% restaurant tax. At 11.5% the city and the county should pitch in, can I get Todd Stroger or Mayor Daley as a waiter? That "downtown" area covers I-55 on the south, Surf St. (2900 North) on the north, Ashland Ave. (1600 West) on the west and Lake Michigan on the east. Welcome the future that Obama envisions, sure just tax away. Lucky for me one of my local taverns is on the less taxed side of Ashland Ave.

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