Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now Putin and Chavez Try to End Biden's Career and Obama's Missile Defense Dissembling

Now this is just getting ridiculous, Joe Biden and the entire leadership of the Democratic Party have stood together against missile defense for nearly thirty years. Flying Debris has commented on this party nonsense here and here. Now after repeatedly speaking out against missile defense systems that would protect free people from rogue regimes and blackmailers, and even producing an ad that stated as much, well Barack Obama has allegedly seen the light. Call me sceptical. There is no explanation of this dramatic switch, just a switch that appears to be a politically expedient statement during a nationally televised debate. The Obama campaign could at least point to the news that Russia may be nearing a nuclear agreement with Venezuela. That's right, South America's Venezuela, the one with the crazy dictator Hugo Chavez. Nice. As I watched a replay of the debate today I noticed how Obama made numerous statements that were opposed to statements that he had made during this nearly two year campaign. Here is a You Tube mashup that highlights Obama's missile defense statements:

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft who helpfully adds, "but who really knows?"

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