Friday, October 24, 2008

Close the Markets! The Democrats Are Coming! The Democrats Are Coming!

Let's see, why were the Dow Jones Industrial Futures down 550 points (6.27%) overnight, just 2 1/2 hours before the market opens in New York? I started too early, the stock futures markets are not open and have been halted. Talking heads will point to the sell off in Asia, lead by Sony of Japan, however some of us understand that one of the major influences for the stock market is the future, and what a future the Democrats have planned for us.

Just yesterday Henry Waxman (D-Ca) chaired a hearing in which he and his fellow imbecilic Democratic knaves grilled numerous past and current federal money men. Let's face it, in January 2007 the Democrat Party installed as House leaders the same old people who do not understand the basics of capitalism. Henry Waxman, beyond being one of the creepiest looking men on the planet is a bully (see: mental problems) who uses his hearings to bludgeon his intellectual betters with his bullying propaganda. How do you think traders overseas saw the spectacle of a man who looks like he is dressed up as Porky Pig on Halloween verbally abusing the men whom this nation is relying on to guide us through this mess? As an aside, Allen Greenspan's appearance was a disgrace and reminds us why Greenspan Econometrics gave a thumbs-up, a-okay to Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings and Loan months before its catastrophic collapse. Mr. Greenspan lead a monetary expansion that is one of the root causes (along with the Democrats and their Fannie Mae scams) of the crisis that we are now experiencing.

Barack Obama has spent over twenty months on the campaign trail and years before that insisting that America is involved in too much trade and that tax rates are too low, today he is claiming that he will "lower your taxes" as long as you don't make too much. Barack Obama has said that he will further raise: capital gains taxes, dividend taxes (screwing Joe the Plumber if some future business of his is organized as an S-Corp.) and overall tax rates. And Obama is just starting, remember that he is not a wonk like Clinton. Add to that the fact that the Democrats are now talking about getting rid of your 401Ks and absorbing those funds into the Social Security system. Early in the first Clinton administration there was a suggestion (later shot down) to impose a "one-time" 20% tax on all IRAs and 401Ks. They want your wealth.

The markets are facing it you might as well do the same, the Democrats want to take your money. The Democrats will not even consider a trade pact with our allies in Columbia as they fight against narco-communists over control of that nation. Why are the Democrats allied with today's Colombian Drug Kings? Add to that the fact that Obama has been involved in ACORN which has recently been outed to the larger public as a vote fraud and mortgage fraud organization, further Obama is breaking all sorts of campaign finance laws, even stooping to credit card fraud, further Obama and his minions have been involved in voter intimidation using gangbangers and thugs, Obama has been involved in voter intimidation that uses silk-stockinged lawyers pleading to the Justice Department to end others political free speech, Obama has urged his followers to stifle the free speech of voters, Obama has voted to force certain bloggers to register with the federal government under threat of prison. The Democrat Party has become no friend of freedom and they are no friend of yours. Barack Obama has never been a friend of freedom.

As of 8:07 AM CDT the Dow Jones 30 futures are offered at their locked (temporary?) limit of 8224. Lord save us from the ideas of our Democrat neighbors. Let's just hope that our markets are sturdier than they were in 1914.

8:32 - The stock market is open and the Dow Jones futures are down 603 points. Good luck today.

8:36 - Market stabilizing in the 400+ lower area. Art Cashin is saying that Monday, the last Monday of October is the most likely day for a large (1000-2000 point and may I add 2500-3000 point) drop.

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Anonymous Northwest Breeder said...

Stop whining and start trading, grain pit contard!

3:49 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

"Contard", very deep and witty, a new way to call a person who (God Forbid!) disagrees with you a "retard". You bring a lot to the discussion. By the way, at 3:49 PM on Friday there are no open markets to trade, I'm done for the week and it was a good one. Have a nice weekend.

4:25 PM  
Blogger knowitall said...

This was funny, but so true. They're coming and the liberal illuminati want all the goods for little or nothing, or on their neighbor's tab.

7:13 PM  

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