Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Inspired Violence - Update - Update III - Pittsburgh Fake, Milwaukee Not

Well a woman was assaulted in Pittsburgh by, get this, an armed robber (nice friends you got there Barack) who noticed that she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. It sounds strange and there is no video but the Pittsburgh Police are treating it as legit, plus the girl is pretty beat up*. Then there is the guy who was assaulted in Milwaukee last Saturday night with fists, bricks and a .38 handgun because he was holding a McCain/Palin sign. Maybe Obama could go tell the Marquette students who were assaulted by his supporters that they would be better off with him as President because an Obama administration would outlaw all handguns. In the meantime big media has been peddling bogus stories concerning threats allegedly yelled from the crowd at a McCain rally in Scranton. I am concerned about what would happen in the event of an Obama loss, as are the nation's Police Departments. I would think that many of my neighbors believe that our city and neighborhood would be protected from any violence. I seem to remember liberals moaning after 9/11 that New York City voted for Al Gore, lot of good it did them.

Update: The Gateway Pundit has much more.
Update II: TMZ is reporting that the Pittsburgh Police is getting skeptical. There have been arrests in the Milwaukee case.
Update III: Pittsburgh Police say it was a fake, nice shiner though. The girl has problems. No Change in the Milwaukee case.

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Blogger knowitall said...

This may have been a fake attack, but this was a cry out to America. People are realizing how worse off they would be under the socialist illuminati rule, and they're resorting to torturing themselves.

7:05 PM  
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