Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Democratic and ACORN Vote Fraud in Lake County, Indiana - Community Organizers At Work!

Barack Obama's former employer, ACORN (where he was a "community organizer") has just turned in thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Lake County, Indiana. This follows reports from the primary that Chicagoans were attempting to vote in Lake County and that people were bused in from elsewhere, that students were taken out of school and bused to polling places. A documentary concerning fraud in this year's Democratic Caucuses even examined polling in Lake County, among other things they found gang intimidation (starting at 4:00 minutes) in Lake County. The first linked article mentions that telephone lines at the ACORN offices in Gary, Milwaukee and Chicago were reported to be disconnected, here is what I found: the Gary office has an anonymous recorded message voice mail that appears to be from their telephone service company, the Milwaukee line has been disconnected and the Chicago line appears to be up but the nested menu often reconnects to itself. This is more of the hopeful Chicago politics that the Obama campaign is bringing to America, this is Democratic "reform."

Flying Debris previously commented on Lake County fraud here.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs' LinkViewer

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