Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama Gets Campaign Cash From Gaza - II

This post was initially posted on August 5. In light of the Republican National Committee's charges of illegal campaign fund raising by the Obama campaign this is a good time to take another look at some more Obama illegal fund raising.

As far as we know Obama has not taken illegal campaign cash from monks like Al Gore did a dozen years ago but the Obama campaign is taking illegal campaign donations from non-citizens living in the Gaza Strip. Atlas Shrugged has had the story on last fall's donations by the Edwan brothers who listed their state as GA and their Zip Code as 972, GA is the Gaza Strip and 972 is in Israel. Federal campaign regulations require donors to be American citizens and those regulations limit donations to $2,300 per person.

The Gaza Strip address that the brothers used should have been the first tip for the Obama campaign but what the heck, they took $24,321.41 from one brother and $5,200.13 from the other. That number brings up something interesting, why are the totals not some simple large round numbers? In this World Net Daily interview Monir Edwan claimed that he and his brother bought tee-shirts from the Obama site but he claimed to have made a profit selling the shirts at less than half the price charged on the Obama site and claimed to have received the shirts during an Israeli crackdown on the Gaza Strip. It sounds as if the tee shirt story is a lie and the WND reporter pretty much shreds it. So it is likely that the brothers made their donations on a credit card of a round number in a foreign currency, it is unlikely that they randomly chose that donation level in American dollars. Did the Obama campaign offer donation levels in foreign currencies?

This clearly illegal fund raising is in addition to the illegal fund raising raffle that they reworked as a bait & switch to pass the test of legality.

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