Friday, February 13, 2009

Bear Fan Rep. Mark Kirk Blasts House Leadership: "We Know Who Won the Super Bowl"

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) blasted the House leadership yesterday afternoon for focusing the House of Representatives on the Steelers Super Bowl victory (HR 110) instead of the serious economic issues at hand. Anne Schroeder Mullins of Politico talked to Mark afterwards and it sounds like he was still steamed, talking of the few people who were in the House chamber at the time Mark said “Originally they looked at me like, ‘what a guy from Chicago want to say about this? This is Pittsburgh vs. Arizona' but my point is bigger. Why are we talking about this and not talking about the stimulus?" To insure that his point was not lost he told Politico "(t)hree thousand to seven thousand Americans are watching CSPAN right now wondering what are these guys working on? We know who won the Super Bowl. And no, it’s not sour grapes, [The Bears] lost a long time ago."

Here is Rep. Kirk's floor speech:
I might just ask the leadership why we are debating this resolution, taking time away from serious debate on the hidden stimulus bill. Why, as the economy tanks, congressional leaders are voting to borrow $2 trillion but we’re debating National Engineers Week and a football resolution? Now I watched the game and it was a good game but it's not our core mission. We should be debating the $2 billion appropriation for "neighborhood stabilization" available to organizations currently under criminal scrutiny like ACORN, a new wellness fund, or a government medical effectiveness board now with powers to override decisions of you and your doctor. When we take up resolutions like this, it's because we are trying to distract members and the American people for knowing what they cannot read in the stimulus bill. We can debate the Super Bowl but the results are not in doubt. What we ought to be debating is should we borrow $2 trillion on behalf of the American people and does anyone have that cash? We debate Engineer Week instead of asking the Fed, when you "monetize" debt, doesn't that really mean you're printing money? It's resolutions like this that weaken the reputation of the U.S. –

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This old disabled veteran salutes you across the miles.

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