Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They Just Can't Help Themselves Anymore

I have not written anything on the ports issue because there had been a dearth of information on the subject and I have no hands on knowledge of port operation. I have driven through a few ports and I have had lunch at the South Street Seaport in New York. It did strike as not very likely that the security paranoid Bush people were going to give up security to anybody. We have good experience with the fact that the Bush people are often inept at public relations and this was another reminder of that failure. As bad as the news sounded a week and a half ago, the time since has seen the only people who actually were familiar with port operations deem the entire controversy a non-starter.

When we found out that the UAE has been servicing our naval ships for years I wondered if anybody told Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton sits on the Senate Arms Services Committee and should be familiar with the UAE and its port operations. Well this week brings more bad news for the Schumers, Kings, Clintons and Corzines of the world. C-Span ran an interview this morning with the Assistant Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection and a Coast Guard Rear Admiral. The guys at Powerline have a great post here that includes excerpts from the C-Span interview and another post here that includes an excerpted letter from someone with first hand knowledge of port operations. I have seen what are now known to be outright lies in some news media repeated well after we knew the facts about port operations. Some honest commentary on this issue is refreshing.

It is unfortunate that so many members of the Democratic Party and the media are willing to lie about threat posed by terminal operation. This deal does not concern port security. The Democrats just can’t help themselves anymore, we know that they hate Bush, but this is ridiculous. Did any of them know what we are now finding out about port operations? Here’s an idea for Democratic politicians, if you want to appear to be concerned about the threats posed to America try to actually be helpful to our country when it comes to fighting terrorists. Sucking up to librarians won’t do it. It’s kind of strange that the scariest terrorists that those guys have seen are Arab corporate executives. Unfortunately many Democrats will believe that we are giving away our ports and their security to some Arabs and they will repeat this for years like some drunks babbling on about the Easter Bunny.


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