Saturday, April 22, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption Makes W Va. Democrat a Multi-Millionaire

For some time now Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) has been babbling on about something she calls the “Republican Culture of Corruption.” Ms. Pelosi simply is not bright enough (or honest enough, as the case may be) to figure out that corruption is a human problem. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Democrats are corrupt too. That last sentence is not news to those of us who watch Chicago politics; there may as well be a wing in the local Federal prison dedicated to Chicago Democratic Aldermen and Judges. Whether they are selling out African-Americans by allowing illegal waste dumping in their neighborhoods or they are doing favors for mob hit men from the bench, these folks are all Democrats and they are all crooked. Our beloved Mayor Daley has been surrounded by scandal for years. Even one of Pelosi’s Whips has had her share of corruption right in her own home; the husband of local congresswoman, Janet Schakowsky (D-IL) recently plead guilty in an elaborate check-kiting scheme. According to local Democrats this check-kiting scheme was all okay because he was doing it for the children and check-kiting is a harmless, victimless crime. Somehow sex played little or no part in his prosecution.

So back to West Virginia, Rep. Allan Mollohan (D-WVa), the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, was forced to step down yesterday after it was reported (several weeks ago) that Federal prosecutors were looking into Mr. Mollohan’s seemingly shady finances. Rich Galen, of the political blog Mullings, has reported that Mr. Mollohan’s net worth grew from $100,000 to $14,000,000 in just five years. Congressman Mollohan has an annual salary of $160,000 per year; his wife must be quite the saver. Now admittedly, Hilary Clinton’s futures trading endeavor had much higher returns (percentage wise), but this Mollohan guy is clearly no piker. Considering the crowd that she runs with, Ms. Pelosi may want to take a minute to ponder the old adage about throwing stones inside of glass houses.

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