Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hilary Says that We Need a 5 Year Plan part 2

OK, here it is; that article about Hilary Clinton and her “important” speech on economics. She made a 55 minute speech on Tuesday and although the local papers covered the speech they didn’t tell their readers what Ms. Clinton said about economics. Both papers had splashy stories about the event with flattering pictures and predictable quotes. Like this one:

"I suggest that we agree on the need for an economic strategy that keeps our economy growing and creating good jobs in the face of new competition, and that we strengthen the middle class--which is, after all, the engine of our growth and the backbone of our democracy,"

That is not economic policy; that is pandering to people who may not know better. Which raises another question, who are these people in the Chicago Economics Club? The only published quote by Ms. Clinton at the event that was on the subject of economics is the following:

"We need investments, decisions and policies that only all of us, acting together through our government, can make to set the stage for future prosperity."

I find such comments to be insulting, how could somebody say that we should run our economic decisions through the federal government? Is Ms. Clinton suggesting that Congress decide what the nation’s companies should do; or should a bureaucracy make those decisions? “All of us acting together” has uninvolved “stakeholders” written all over it. This all is little more than the same uninformed communistic nonsense that I have heard from the far left for my entire life. Her juvenile economic ideas are dangerous.


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