Thursday, April 13, 2006

Honda Introduces New Civic to Save the Planet

Honda is leading the charge into the world of pollution-free driving with a new natural gas powered Civic. They have unveiled the car at the New York Automobile Show. Although the natural gas powered Civic is a new model, Honda has been selling such cars to fleet operators for some years now. Fleet operators have the means to install natural gas dispensers, the cost of such dispensers has kept natural gas powered vehicles out of the home market. Honda has hooked up with the FuelMaker Corporation to market Phill, a product designed as a home garage based natural gas dispenser. Phill also has the ability to fuel the Civic during the over-night periods when gas companies often have lower rates. This is a big deal. Barring significant new finds it is reasonable to expect natural gas prices to trend higher in coming years. Despite that outlook, natural gas offers a much cleaner vehicle than the current eco-rage of hybrids. The natural gas vehicles do not contained a self-enclosed waste dump, a reasonable description of the hybrid batteries. I have ridden in natural gas powered taxis in Chicago for a few decades now and frankly, as a passenger it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Hat Tip the Guys at Autoblog.


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