Saturday, April 22, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption Catches up with the CIA

The incredible war of leaks against the Bush administration that has engulfed Washington during the past several years is coming back to bite some of its participants. CIA officer Mary McCarthy, a former Special Assistant for Intelligence (appointed by Mr. “My Dog Ate the Top Secret Files” himself, Sandy Berger), has been fired by the CIA for leaking classified materials to the Washington Post.

In this NY Times article about the firing the Times continues their bizarre assertion that they have the right to declassify top secret governmental information but that the President of the United States has no such right. To further their assertion of that “right” they use another anonymous source in the CIA:
"’It's a terrible situation when the president approves the leak of a highly classified N.I.E., and people at the agency see management as so disastrous that they feel compelled to talk to the press,’ said one former C.I.A. officer with extensive overseas experience."

Great, so now the Times has allegedly found somebody in the CIA who has the same nonsensical take on the Constitution that they have. On the bright side, this opinion doesn’t seem to be held by the majority in the CIA, as the Times notes in this passage:
“But another official, whose experience was at headquarters, said most employees would approve Mr. Goss's action. ‘I think for the vast majority of people this will be good for morale,’ the official said. ‘People didn't like some of their colleagues deciding for themselves what secrets should be in The Washington Post or The New York Times.’”

So, here we have a former Democratic appointee leaking classified information to the press, likely in an effort to harm the President of the United States. This is another instance of an individual taking the role of policy making out of the hands of elected officials and giving that role to his allies through the leaking of selected, sometimes inaccurate information.

Flying Debris has previously noted this nonsense here and here.

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