Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Regretfully Predict Another Fatwa

This video is fantastic but I do fear for the guy. Those wacky radical islamists have not been all that great to us infidels. Twenty-eight years ago Elvis Costello sang that "London is full of Arabs" in Oliver's Army and that was nearly three decades ago; this Brit also has more to say than Elvis did. Strangely while searching for those lyrics I found this version of Oliver's Army that spelled "Arabs" as "arabas", safer I guess. Well, more power to you bloke, stay safe.

Hat Tip to Dr. Sanity and her Carnival of Insanities.


Blogger rockdog said...

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Blogger rockdog said...

Thank you. It's a wondefull video and how truthfull. You have a great blog and I will link to it. You are brave to speak out, I wish we had more brave people like you, but it seens, speaking out here, is whispering so the "M" word is not heard from our infidel mouths.

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