Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jesse Jackson: One Year Later

I must say off the bat that I do not watch or listen to Imus; the only 5 minutes of his show that I have seen featured Kinky Friedman as a guest. I have however watched the career of Jesse Jackson from afar as a citizen of his home town of Chicago. Rev. Jackson has been protesting the Imus comments and he wrote about it yesterday. Almost one year ago Flying Debris wrote about a column that Rev. Jackson wrote in the Chicago Sun Times concerning the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. That entire case was dropped today after a year of bad news for the prosecution. Jackson's column in the Sun Times was bizarre in its outward racism, he wrote that the students were guilty because they are white and white men have rape fantasies about black women. The article is no longer online but my original post does have a great Jesse quote, “(t)he history of white men and black women -- the special fantasies and realities of exploitation -- goes back to the nation's beginning and the arrival of slaves from Africa.”

That pretty much gives you the gist of the Jackson article although he did cite Rebbecca Hall, a UC Berkeley Professor who “studies images of African-American women in the culture”, Ms. Hall helpfully added ''Turn on a music video. A black woman is somebody who has excess sexuality. . . . It's excess sexuality that white men are entitled to.'' As I wrote at the time "who knew?"

I will not be wasting any time waiting for Rev. Jackson to apologize to those lacrosse players or to the white men of America although he has another Sun Times column next Tuesday and he may shock me.

While reading my original post about the article I noticed that later that day I wrote that Rev. Jackson may be joining the lynch mob due to the fact that the woman involved accused players from very wealthy families.

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