Sunday, July 29, 2007

Democratic Activist & Chickenhawk

Noted Democratic Activist, notorious Chickenhawk and Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy pictured with then soon to be First Lady Rosalynn Carter in Chicago.

Many rather dumb liberals have decided that they are so smart that they could frame an argument in a manner that precludes the other side from even positing an argument. They state that if one is not in the military then one could not argue for any use of the military. Anybody with a brain and a reasonable education would know that the converse would also hold, if one is not in the military then one could not argue against military action because one would not have the necessary background to make the decision. Of course they are making the charge that anyone who advocates military action should take up arms and fight, as if that was the only action that one could do to support a nation at war. They also ignore the fact that in our democracy the military is controlled by civilians; if it were otherwise (as they suggest that it must be!) those very same fruitcakes would be going utterly bonkers, as would an overwhelming majority of conservatives.

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