Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dems Want to Jail Political Opponents

In this morning's Chicago Tribune, a paper once described by the late Chicagoan John Belushi as "that fascist newspaper from Chicago", was another of the Tribs typical propaganda pieces. This time they are not shilling for CAIR but for the Democratic Party. They have a ridiculous article by Northwestern Law professor James Pfander and former Democratic congressman and former DC Court of Appeals judge Abner Mikva that suggests that the US House and the US Senate should construct a jail to imprison people from other branches who don't dance to their bizarre tunes. Abner Mikva was once White House Counsel during the Clinton administration when he gave that administration the advice that they could not legally implement their illegal fund raising schemes; ironically Mikva lasted a few months and left for "personal and family reasons" at about the time that the Clinton people implemented their illegal fund raising schemes, you know, the ones in which Al Gore claimed that there was "no controlling legal authority". Mr. Mikva was not exorcised over the blatant illegal political fund raising by the Democratic Clinton administration. It is worth noting that when the Clinton administration was in hot water with congress that Judge Mikva had no such suggestions. Mr. Mikva also argued that President Clinton should not be punished for lying to a Federal Court. Thanks Ab.

It is worth noting that these two "experts" on the Federal Court system are not willing to admit that the President of the United States has unlimited powers to appoint and relieve Federal prosecutors at ANY time for ANY REASON. What is going on up at Northwestern? Is it the water? Because they are two hyper-partisan lawyers these two men have dishonestly framed their argument as being about "executive privilege", a serious component of our system. They are also saying that congress should be able to throw people in jail for invoking a well established right to counsel that is held by the executive branch. They believe that all Republican Presidential counsel should be open to congressional and public scrutiny. Thanks Ab.

Mikva, a former congressman may be trying to give congress powers that he dreamed of having while he was in office. The balance of powers between the branches of the US government is a very important component of our system and to willy-nilly give hyper-partisans the power to jail their political opponents is disgracefully fascistic. It is interesting that arguments over the balance of power are as old as our nation and that these two are basing their arguments on the fact that the congress had a jail during the "19th century" and regularly used that jail to imprison those they disagreed with. Mr. Mikva and Mr. Pfander may not be aware of this but our nation and our government have changed quite a bit since those halycon days; for instance those two men could have owned slaves back in the 19th century, in fact as recently as the 1864 election the Democratic platform advocated slavery for the Southern states. Thanks Ab.

It is interesting how they develop their propaganda but it is important to realize that these two are advocating that the hyper-partisans of the House be given the power to jail those governmental officials with whom they disagree, a position that at least one of them did not take when the power in Congress was held by Republicans. Those two men are pathetic.

It is worth noting that as a pre-teen I passed out brochures for Mr. Mikva's numerous congressional campaigns and that I have met the man. My late father also knew "Ab" Mikva, my father also taught at his alma mater Northwestern Law and that one of my uncles is currntly on the faculty of Northwestern Law.

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Ah, Northwestern. My father, an alum, lost faith in them and exited their donor list decades ago when the university was busy digging up the Indiana Dunes for landfill for its Evanston campus.

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