Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Michelle Obama - Folks Love the Shell Game

In this morning's coverage of Sen Barack Obama (D-IL), candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination, the Chicago Sun Times' Lynn Sweet reported on the candidate's wife Michelle's taped MSNBC appearance. The interview was scheduled to run this morning so I guess that the Sweet piece was good PR. Check out this great piece by the Backyard Conservative about Sweet's fawning over a criminal that Flying Debris discussed here. The interview was done by Mika Brzezinski, the son of a famously ineffective US National Security Adviser, the Carter Administration's Zbigniew Brzezinski. Those Dems love to keep it in the family.

The interview sounds very strange, Ms. Sweet has reported that Ms. Obama said of African-Americans acceptance of her husband, that they will "wake up and get it." Ms. Obama also brought up an argument that many Obama supporters raise, she was quoted as saying that blacks have a "natural fear of the possibility", that there is "always that doubt in the minds of people of color". In other words it is not reasonable for black people to not want to vote for Barack Obama, rather those people must have some deep seated psychological-racial problem. That deep seated problem is something she called "that fear."

At this time Sen. Obama is pushing his plan to raise taxes on taxpayers who Barack has deemed wealthy and able to pay. As Flying Debris pointed out in Obama on Social Security: What The? the Obama plans to dramatically raise taxes on people who are either investing in future jobs in America or trying to get to the level where they can invest more in the future of America. Combining her support of raising the FICA taxes for Social Security and her somewhat demeaning insistence that blacks will "get it" Ms. Obama is stating that black people and all Americans should be happy to settle for a 1.23% return on their life's savings. For African-American males born after 1959 the return is negative. Ms. Obama is also stating that those people should not be able to pass the accumulated wealth of a life's work on to another generation. Ms. Obama and her husband, Senator Barack Obama believe that when you die that the accumulated wealth of your life's effort should be inherited and spent by the federal government.

Social Security does the following: the federal government taxes you through FICA "retirement deductions", that money is immediately spent on whatever congress can dream up, when you retire the federal government will tax someone else to pay you back. If the Obamas get their way the economy would be slower than it otherwise would be during your working life due to the fact that more money that was once invested in creating jobs will henceforth be taxed and spent on often economically frivolous congressional desires. The only way that the Social Security System can ultimately pay off, as it is currently set up, is for the US economy to grow enough through increased productivity to produce enough high paying jobs to pay off people currently paying into the system. That cannot be done by increasing the tax burden on those who provide the capital that produces jobs. If we cannot produce those jobs that allow the next generations to pay off the chits that we are taking out today then they will see us as having played the shell game that we are playing. They may very well point to an empty shell, shrug their shoulders and get off of the train.

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Blogger Publia said...

So we have this woman who is capable of making (through empirical evidence) hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, telling us that Black people aren't smart enough to vote for her husband? Geez, sure makes me glad to be the party of Lincoln.

Mrs. O. ought to stop focusing on putting her fingers on somebody else's purse, and make herself a will, naming the U.S. Treasury as her sole beneficiary. While the blacks whose failure to endorse her husband puzzle her, I might suggest that they are just too smart to fall for this tomfoolery. And now that I mention that, I do believe it was another Republican who got America going on the path to racial equality, President Eisenhower. He figured that the brave men who fought in World War II should have full civil rights as they were great and smart Americans. If he were among us, he would not be disappointed.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like war is breaking out over Obama's cocaine dealer. Wondering when the Hillary team would find him.

7:22 PM  

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