Wednesday, December 12, 2007

10th District Democrat Let Fingers Do Walking on Fraudulent Petitions

The good folks working with TA up at the Team America's Tenth District Blog earlier uncovered numerous dead signatories to the nominating petitions of Illinois State Senator Terry Link, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Lake County, Illinois. Well they have outdone themselves with their investigation of Mr. Link's petitions by noticing that the names were apparently copied out of the phone book and the signatures allegedly forged. It was not immediately noticeable due to the fact that the petitions show the first name first, however they have compiled a long list of pages that list the last names alphabetically or in reverse-alphabetical order (TA charitably calls the later "sneaky"). They have found people with only a first initial listed in the phone book who's petition entry contains only the same first initial, TA's group contacted some of them who claimed to never sign anything with just the first initial. They found other instances in which those telephone customers were listed on the nominating petition with incorrect names that start with the correct initial. In spite of all of that I have to agree with TA that the following pretty much closes the deal:

Aritha Walker (sheet 41, line 23) is listed as living at 245 Jackson, in North Chicago. Aritha lives on Jackson, but at a different street number. "245" is April Walker's house number at a completely different street in Mundelein. April Walker is the entry in the phone book immediately above Aritha Walker.

All of us who appreciate honest elections and honest campaigning owe a thanks to TA and his mystery sleuths. Considering all of the talk I hear from the Obama campaign on new ways to "do" politics I'm sure that former Illinois State Senator Barack Obama would also appreciate their work.

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